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Music department at Skeisvang high school, Haugesund (1993-1996)
Ex. Phil. (2000) University of Oslo
Social Foundation (2000-2001)
Jazz Conservatory, NTNU in Trondheim (2005-2009)

            Selection of work as a musician:

"Musikkens dag" (Oslo) in May 2001 he played his first gig with the band Rex Rudi, who has a comic of the same name, and who besides Julius consisted of Tomas Drefvelin (guitar / vocals) and Thomas Støyva (drums). Was now a permanent member of the band and released three albums until 2008.
Studied at the jazz department at NTNU from 2005-2009, and in 2007 founded the band Mingus! Mingus! Mingus that consisted of Eirik Hegdal (saxophone), Hayden Powell (trumpet), Erik Johannessen (trombone), Steinar Refsdal (sax), Oscar Grönberg (piano) and Tollef Østvang (drums). Did a tribute to the great bassplayer and composer Charles Mingus. From 2008 to 2009 he played in the project Study in Brown with Hayden Powell (trumpet) and Kasper Varnes (saxophone).
Has played a number of concerts at home and abroad and at festivals such as Øya, Slottsfjell, Norwegian Wood, Buktafestivalen, Greenman and beaches brew. Toured Norway with the projects This is our music!, Mingus! Mingus! Mingus! and The Gin and tonic youth! Toured Russia and Ukraine with Håvard Stubø quartet. Toured with Electric eye in Europe. And toured Japan last year with Ape club.

Currently writes music for the band projects Ape club (with Kasper Værnes on sax, Øyvind Brække on trombone and Erik Nylander on drums), Action & Tension & Space that  also consists of Per Steinar Lie and Ørjan Haaland (best known for their work with The Low Frequency in stereo) and The gin and tonic youth! (With members from Electric eye, Hypertext and Lumen drones).

Has worked for Nordic Black Theatre in Oslo on the projects "tribute to the heroes" in 2014 and "I am Nina" in 2016.

Lately toured with american folk singer Ryley Walker around Europe
Participate as a performer and composer / arranger on the following releases:
Rex Rudi "Kampens hete", CD (2003)
Rex Rudi "Backbeat and Begjær", CD (2005)
Rex Rudi "Alt er vel", CD and double vinyl (2008)
Rex Rudi "Grünerløkka lufthavn, 10 år i løse lufta" compilation (2004)
Rex Rudi "Så lenge det er natt" promo CD attached to the blade Nemi (2008)
Rex Rudi "Rock & Roll Jul", published as an appendix to the Christmas issue of the same name (2003)
Gin and tonic youth! "Butterflies in bikinis," digital EP (2011)
Action and Tension and space, vinyl (2013)
Ape club, vinyl (2013)
Brødrene Löwenstiernes calypso quintet, vinyl (2013)

August 2013 he recieved The statoil´s Sildajazz award